„primum nil nocere“

Video Consultation

It is possible to have a first contact via video consultation. General questions can be asked and X-rays can be uploaded before the consultation.

It is important that you send us a short (max. two pages) written history of the complaints/ disease in advance by email: kontakt@dr-gatzka.de.

Book your video consultation here: to video consultation

We consider the video format to be useful as a "first orientation and getting to know each other". In our opinion, however, this does not replace a personal consultation. We decided therefore to reduce the time for this first video consultation to 30 minutes.

This is in contrast to a first personal consultation where we will examine you very thoroughly. In addition we will look at any existing CT/ MRI images and are able to perform an ultrasound examination that is essential and very important for us (in contrast to static imaging with X-rays, CT and / or MRI images). At the end you will get a medical report. This will all together be approximately 60 minute