„primum nil nocere“


The philosophy of the Hamburg hip manufacturer is well defined with the Latin saying:

„primum nil nocere“
„First, do no harm“

Patients who come to us are not seen as customers. They are primarily seen as patients who need help and helping does not necessarily mean operation. At first we analyse the underlying problem in depth. Often problems can already be identified through extensive questioning and a very thorough clinical examination. Therefore we will take a lot of time for this!

The main goal is to find the right diagnosis in order to offer the best solutions for our patients and to represent them accordingly. Our focus is always on conservative, non- operative, therapy.

The Holistic Approach

We rely on a network of highly specialized cooperation partners conservative measurements/treatments. These include physiotherapists, colleagues from manual & osteopathic medicineand doctors who focus on healthy nutrition and bone medicine (osteology).

Since we believe that Eastern and Western medicine complement each other and do not compete, we have also established a very good network with doctors with a background of traditional Chinese medicine. We believe that we can only learn from each other!

This above mentioned network gives us the opportunity to use a holistic approach (i.e. to treat the whole person by taking multiple influencing factors into consideration) for the detection and healing of illness-related complaints.

Our Network:

As a cooperation partner, we can currently count ourselves lucky to have access to the following experts:

Please contact us by email and briefly report "where the shoe is pressing". We will get back to you promptly and then offer you examination appointments. Ideally, you indicate a period that is convenient for you.

E-mail: kontakt@dr-gatzka.de