„primum nil nocere“


  • Dr. med. Christian Gatzka
  • Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery
  • Special orthopedic surgery
  • Special trauma surgery
Specialist Training
  • Internship: University of Cologne (trauma, hand and reconstructive surgery)
  • Research Fellow: AO Research Center (Davos, CH)
  • Resident: University of Hamburg (trauma, hand and reconstructive surgery)
  • Resident physician: Klinikum Eilbek Academic teaching hospital of the University of Hamburg (orthopedics and trauma surgery), Hamburg
Focus Formation
  • Senior Physician: Park Hospital Leipzig, Orthopedic Traumatology Center (OTZ)
  • Consultant: Focus: partial joint prosthetics, joint maintenance and sports injuries) Leipzig Park Hospital, Orthopedic Traumatology Center (OTZ)
  • Orthocentrum Hamburg / Park Clinic Manhagen
  • Hamburger Hüftmanufaktur - Dr. Gatzka & Colleagues
Additional Designations
  • Certification of autologous cartilage cell transplantation (ACT)
  • Certified ENDO CERT / CLAR CERT expert
  • ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) provider
  • Expertise in radiation protection
  • Expertise in manual medicine
  • Participation in the course curriculum "Medical Quality Management" (Saxony Chamber of Physicians)
  • Advanced training certificate (Saxony Chamber of Physicians)
  • Examiner “Special Orthopedic Surgery” (Hamburg Chamber of Physicians)
  • Certified "knee surgeon" (German Knee Society)
Working Groups
  • German Hip Society (Deutsche Hüft Gesellschaft - DHG) - board member
  • German-speaking working group for arthroscopy (AGA) - hip committee (until 2022)
  • Working group for osteosynthesis questions (AO Trauma)
  • Member of the "Pelvic Group" of the German Society for Trauma Surgery (2000-2003)
Mentorship program , B. Braun Aesculap Foundation
Leadership program , B. Braun Aesculap Foundation

Scientific Activities

Doctoral thesis:
"Medium-term follow-up results of the cementless CLS total hip endoprosthesis system"
07/1996 ("magna cum laude")
Prof. Dr. E. Kuner, Department of Trauma Surgery, University Clinic Freiburg i. Br.
Third-party Funding (08/2000)
AO/ASIF-Fork grant (2000/G 64) “The influence of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on fluid displacements in bone” (58.000 SFr.)
Third-party Funded Study
  • Norian SRS Study - University of Cologne
  • Celecoxib Study - University of Hamburg
Reviewer for Scientific Journals
  • Strategies in Trauma and Limb Reconstruction (Springer Journals)
  • Hip International (Elselvier Journals)
  • Anatomical institutes of the university hospitals in Halle, Hamburg and Leipzig
  • AO Research Center (Working Group for Osteosynthesis Questions), Davos
Own Scientific Courses
2009 - 2013
Establishment 1st - 5th "Leipzig Joint Symposium"
2012 - 2017
Establishment 1st - 5th "Leipzig hip arthroscopy workshop"
Establishment of the 1st "Leipzig Joint Academy" in co-op. with Dr. ing. h.c. F. Porsche
Memberships and Courses
  • German Hip Society (DHG) - board member
  • Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA) - Hip Committee (until 2022)
    Awarded as BEST AGA KOMITEE 2021 and 2020
    • AGA Academy courses hip (Leipzig, Basel, Salzburg - speaker, instructor & organization)
    • AGA symposium (hip / knee / OSG), Graz (speaker & instructor)
  • Professional Association for Arthroscopy (BVASK) - DART Committee
    • BVASK annual congress, Düsseldorf (speaker)
  • Working Group for Osteosynthesis Questions (AO)
    • AO 1st Cologne AO ​​workshop (organization and instructor)
    • AO basic and advanced course, Davos (instructor)
  • Endoprosthetics Working Group (AE)
    • AE joint-preserving hip surgery (speaker & instructor)
  • Society for Orthopedic Traumatological Sports Medicine (GOTS)
    • GOTS annual congress - together with the Olympic Sports Association, Hamburg (speaker)
  • German Society for Trauma Surgery (DGU)
  • German Society for Surgery (DGC)
  • Professional Association for Surgery (BDC)
    • FA Compendium Orthopedics / Trauma Surgery, Hamburg (speaker)
  • Professional Association for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (BVOU)
  • European Hip Society (EHS)
  • The Hip Preservation Society (ISHA)
  • Alumni of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE)
  • German knee society (DKG)
Speaker & Instructor
  • Charité Hip Course, Berlin (speaker & instructor)
  • Complex hip surgery, München (speaker)
  • Berlin Sports Symposium, Oberwiesenthal (speaker & instructor)
  • Lower Rhine hip arthroscopy course, Essen (speaker & instructor)
  • QKG Meeting, Regensburg (speaker)
  • NOUV, Dortmund (speaker)
  • Successful attendance European AO Coursefor Acetabular- and Pelvic fractures
  • Observations of hip arthroscopy
    • Dr. M. Philippon (Steadman/Philippon Institute, Vail, USA)
    • Dr. J. O`Donell (Melbourne, AUS)
    • Dr. R. Herzog (Wolhusen Hospital, CH)
    • Prof. Dr. M. Dienst (OCM Practice Clinic Munich, D)
    • Prof. Dr. F. Laude (Paris, F)
  • Observations of open joint-preserving hip surgery
    • Prof. Dr. K. Siebenrock (University Hospital Bern "Insel", CH)
    • K. Kalchschmidt (City Clinics Dortmund, D)
    • Prof. Dr. K. Søballe (Aarhus University Clinic, DK)
    • Prof. Dr. J. Witt (University College London, UK)
    • Prof. Dr. G. Wassilew (University Clinic Greifswald, D)
  • Observations minimally invasive hip TEP (DAA access - with and without extension)
    • Dr. A. Ottersbach (Brig, CH)
    • Prof. Dr. F. Laude (Paris, F)
  • Internship in pediatric orthopedics and cartilage surgery
    • Frau Prof. Dr. C. Chiari (University Hospital Vienna, AUT)
  • Since 2011, learn triple pelvic osteotomy from Klaus Kalchschmidt